How Marcegaglia Onlus Rwanda contributed to access to clean water since 2017

In the heart of the Rilima sector, a remarkable transformation has taken place, thanks to the efforts of Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus. For years, the citizens of Rilima had no access to clean water, relying on unclean Kidogo lake  for drinking, cooking, and daily use. The hot climate made it difficult to obtain rainwater, leaving the community vulnerable to waterborne diseases and other health risks.

However, in 2017, Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus stepped in to address this critical issue. They constructed a big water tank, providing access to clean water for the citizens of the Rilima sector. In addition, they connected cells to the main water supply pipe, rehabilitated existing water sources, and provided plastic household water tanks to ensure that every household had access to clean water.

To further support the community, Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus trained WASH-Clubs and provided water tanks to the poorest families. This empowered the community to manage their water resources sustainably and ensured that everyone had access to clean water, regardless of their economic status.

The impact of these interventions has been significant. Farmers in the Rilima sector have been able to use harvested water for vegetable cultivation, trees growing, and adobe brick fabrication, improving their agricultural productivity and income. The installation of drip irrigation systems has also allowed for efficient watering, reducing evaporation and runoff.

Furthermore, the provision of water pumps, good quality seeds, fertilizers, and anti-erosion trees has supported agriculture intensification, enabling the community to produce more food and improve their livelihoods. The construction of dam-sheets for irrigation and harvest processing machines has also streamlined the post-harvest process, reducing waste and increasing productivity.